Thursday, September 6, 2012

More Giveaway Fun!!!

Did you know I have a little business? I believe I've talked about it before, but I thought I'd share with you afresh...especially since I am doing a big giveaway, and there are lots of ways you can enter and win!

So my business...about 3 years ago I started selling crocheted goods to friends and family members who wanted fun, unique, personal gifts or accessories but couldn't make them themselves. And so, Oli J Accessories was born. Now I have an Etsy Shop (an online shop you can view and purchase from) where I sell my goodies, as well as several places in my area that sell them in their stores, and of course - because where would I be without this? - I still do A LOT simply via word of mouth referrals and Facebook orders. It is so much fun, keeps me busy, and provides us with a little supplemental income for the "extras" that pop up in life. (a friend of mine once called it 'diaper money' and that's probably what it will be here very soon!) I love to be able to create a completely personal accessory or gift, and see or hear how much the receiver loves it, it makes every second I spend perusing yarn shops and crocheting hats, blankets, shoes, etc 100% worth the time and energy.

And now, the giveaway! Recently, my Facebook page hit 300 fans, a HUGE milestone for me!, and I wanted to celebrate by doing a giveaway. Between then and now, my Etsy shop hit the 100 sale marker (also HUGE!!), so that was it, this giveaway had to be BIG. And so it is. :) I'm giving away 4 different items, and there are LOTS of ways to enter (some worth more entries than others even!), as well as opportunities to enter every day. Oh that's another thing, this baby is going to be accepting entries for the next 5 DAYS so you can definitely increase your chances of winning very quickly!

So what are the prizes? They are:

A Brimmed Beanie of your choice (size, style, etc.)

An Earwarmer/Headwrap of your choice (size, style, etc)

A Crown/Tiara in your choice size/color

And last, but certainly not least, a crochet headband in your choice size/color combo

See? So much fun, and so many different things to win! I'm excited just writing this. lol So now, the details, I suppose, are in order.

There are several ways to enter, just follow the steps below to get them all in! And don't forget to share the giveaway as well as refer your friends...those are the steps that will give you 2 ENTRIES every time!

So that about sums it up! I'd love to hear your responses below, as well as any feedback or requests for the next time we do some giving away of goodies. This will probably be the last giveaway before the holidays are here, especially since my little one is due to make her appearance sometime in the next month or so! I hope you enter and best of luck to you! Most importantly, thank you so much for all your support and encouragement while I've been on this journey, it means the world to me and I know that I absolutely would not be having the success I have been without each and every one of you. I feel very blessed and hope that in turn, I will be able to bless someone else along the way!

Good Luck!
Until next time, I'll be laughing. :)


  1. Thank you to Angela Grace Kelley for sharing and recommending this page! Great items!

  2. Oh I hope I win!! I have a nephew...or a little boy of my own that would love a warm beanie for fall :) You're great Crystle!

  3. HI! Angela Grace suggested entering this Awesome giveaway. :)

  4. Angela Grace Kelley sent me. I really like the ladies hats.

  5. I love your beanies and headbands!! Kyra Stovall sent me:)

  6. Your work is amazing! I love all of my purchases!

  7. You are so talented, really excited about this giveaway!!! You are amazing and everything in your etsy shop is wonderful!